Warmth greetings dear.

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Warmth greetings dear,

With warm hearts I offer my friendship and my greetings to you. I also hope you do not misunderstand my reasons for writing you this message knowing fully well that we have not had any previous connection.

I have a brain tumor, I suffer terribly at the moment as am currently under medical supervision here at the Oak Bay Medical Center, Calgary, Canada. My doctor just informed me that my days are numbered because of my health, therefore condemned to certain death. Currently, I have exhausted all my savings for my medical care, but I do have some funds for my charity project. The said funds are deposited in a fixed deposit in a local bank in Benin Republic.

My marital status is such that I’m single because I lost my Husband for over 9 years now and unfortunately we didn’t have a child together, which should inherit my legacy. I have decided to WILL the funds to you in form of a donation, so that there will not be a stiff tax to release of my funds to you.

Considering the fact that my health is no longer in a good state now, I will therefore be so grateful to help the poor through you, by giving you access to my total One Million, Nine Hundred Thousand Euro(€1,900,000.00), to enable you to establish a charitable foundation in my memory, before my last home call.

I devoted my entire life doing the work of charity, so it is important to me that you continue from where I’ve stopped. I want you to take this transaction seriously as I’ve faith that you will do what is necessary to conclude this project.

Know that you can keep part of the money for yourself and the rest will be used to create a charitable foundation in my memory and fund a fight against cancer and other chronic illness. You can also build orphanages.

Please you should send me the following details: Your full names, your address and your current phone contact, so I can forward them to my lawyer to prepare the necessary documents to commence with the fund release procedure. I am happy that I have got someone reliable and capable of continuing my work of charity. I have faith in you and hope for the best outcome of my proposed project.

Awaiting your prompt reply, receive my cordial and fraternal greetings.

Yours Sincerely,
Lisa Marie Lowe.