Urgent From Credit Suisse Group AG

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: katematt455@gmail.com

*Dear Beneficiary, This mail is highly confidential and it is also 100%
risk free if only you can trust in me so that we can do this transaction /
deal with one mind and one love as my mind has directed me to contact you
this day. This transaction is legitimate and all you are required to do is
your acceptance to this deal and i will advice you on the next step of
action. The percentage rate between me and you will be that you will take
70% and i will take 30% because you are the receiver of the funds. Please
kindly send me the scan copy of your identifications and what you do for a
living current and the country where you stay so that we can proceed. I
will respond to you once i read from you today so kindly contact me on the
email below 🙁 credit.suis.intl@outlook.com
)I await your mail. Thanks. Yours Sincerely,Mr.Urs Rohner,Chairman of the
Board of Directors.Credit Suisse Group AG and Credit Suisse AG.*