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My name is Moses Winston, Senior HR of Andrew Elliot Ltd, an establishment that deals in the Import and export of textiles and fabric materials world wide, We are in search of account receivable to represent us as an agent authorized to collect outstanding balance and sales from debtors and customers. An aid as a link between us and our customers USA & Canada. 3-5 hourly/weekly/monthly. Requirement: PC or Smartphone for swift communication to execute instructions, drop-offs, financial activities from debtor[receive and disburse]

If you are interested reply with NAME / CELL# for more details and job description and phone interview

Your swift reply will be appreciated so as to proceed and occupy the available post. (BBB approved & IRS regulated)

Thank you.

Warmest Regards,
SHR Manager : Moses Winston
Company Name: Andrew Elliot Ltd
(209) 330-0014‬

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