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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: borneyface1177@gmail.com


I am Borny Face,
I ve, the confidence that you can be of immense assistance to in this
business of mutual benefit.
I have the sum of of Fifteen million five hundred, thousand United
States of America Dollars
($ 15.500,000 million) with a security company.
I wish to invest this money in your country; hence I am soliciting for
your partnership in a joint venture.
You will invest, manage the fund and the proceed there from until I
retire from public service.
This fund is actual from over invoiced and
inflated contracts executed by foreign contractors in the previous
years in co-operation.

The actual contract sum had been paid to the contractors and this
amount ($15,500,000)
is the over invoiced difference is here with a security company
We, public servants are not allowed to own foreign bank account while in office,

This is the only way we make money while in office,respond and confirm
your interest to me.
Send me your private telephone,
and cell phone numbers to enable me give you details and also discuss your
percentage share for your assistance.
Keep this transaction an utmost secret to protect my Position in office.
Your urgent response will be appreciated.
yours faithfully,
Borny Face.