Greetings Dear Friend,

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Greetings Dear Friend,

i have a company which always suppliers me cars and materials from
china and right now

and as i’m writing to you now i have cars which are ready to be
supplied to me from the car company because my customers needs me to
be supply cars and some other car accessories and materials to them.

but due to my present condition in the hospital i want you to help me
and contact my bank manager in china as my beneficiary, i will give
you my online banking access so that you can transfer some money to
the car company account through my online banking account access which
i will give to you, because if i failed to make the transfer to the
companys account before the month end i might stand a chance of
loosing my contract with the company here in burkina faso who i
supplies cars.

so i want you to help me and contact my bank as my beneficiary because
i have already written to my bank manager that my beneficiary will
contact them so they will be waiting to hear from you and thank you as
i hope to hear from you soon,

contacted me through my private email address (

Yours faithfully,