Dear Customer,

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Dear beloved,

Please accept my unreserved apology if this short humanitarian
proposition offends your sensitivity. I got your email in the course
of my quest today for an honest and God fearing person and i decided
to embark on this because i believe good and honest people still
exist. But before i proceed, I wish to introduce myself first, my name
is Rev sis Simge Pinar, am from Istanbul, Turkey. I have decided to
donate all i have to a good and trusted person who will act according
to my wishes, I am 67years old and i am suffering from Lungs cancer
for about two years now and i have been ordered by God to donate all i
have inherited from my late father and my career to you for the
promotion of God work, rather than to allow my uncle to use my fathers
hard earned funds ungodly.

I will be undergoing an operation in Australia and my doctor
informed me that my chances of survival is slim due to my excessive
health deterioration. Because of this i want to donate my funds worth
$9,150,000USD (USA DOLLARS) to you. It is deposited in a secured bank
in turkey and i want it to be invested for the good work of God, to
assist the orphans, the needy and to help the motherless. My personal
doctor have told me that i may not live for than two months and i am
scared and concerned about it since i have no child of my own as my
spiritual obligation does not permit me to marry.
Presently, i have informed my lawyer and my spiritual Father, Rev Fr
Timothy Coleman about my decision to will this fund to a trusted and
honest person.

Respond back to immediately if you are interested to carry out this
task so that i will instruct you on how to get in contact with my
lawyer and my account officer. Get back to me with the following


Rev Sis Simge Pinar