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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:


Notification for Compensation to all fraud/Scam Victims
Compliments! I am pleased to notify you as the new Governor of Central
Bank of Nigeria that you are among those fraud/Scam victims to receive
a compensation payment of USD $ 10, 000.000.00 only.

The Office of the President of Nigeria inaugurated this Office to make
sure that you are well compensated after our investigation regarding
all victims of Scam/fraud in Nigeria. This office has also sent this
same letter to your embassy/High commission office in Nigeria
confirming our legitimate intentions for communicating with you
through E-mail.

However, this payment will be made to you by ATM card /master card
that is acceptable by the World Bank clearing house.
Please take note of the following instructions:

1) you must call/contact the Deputy Governor of Financial Directorate
(Mr.PHILIP IKEAZOR) Or E-mail: him at ( for
the Certified ATM card/master card of USD $10,000.000.00 only.

2) The delivery of the certified ATM card/master card will be
supervised by Mr.PHILIP IKEAZOR and all procedure must be carried out
according to the regulations of the official courier company
(DHL/FedEx Express).

3) You must fulfill all your obligations as the beneficiary of the
compensation fund (US$10,000.000.00) by sending us your address and
telephone number for the safe delivery of the Certified ATM
card/master card to you via OFFICIAL COURIER DELIVERY.

4) The delivery of this certified ATM card/master card would not
exceed the next 72 banking hours starting from the time you reconfirm
your contact details.

Finally, I await your timely response!


Yours Sincerely

Mr.Godwin Emefiele