A shipment relating to you abrakadabra1577@gmail.com

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: test@test.com

Norfolk International Airport
2200 Norview Ave, Norfolk, VA 23518
Virginia, United States of America
Date: 14/05/2019.

Re: Expected Delivery on.

A shipment relating to you was withheld due to an undisclosed sum of money in the trunk-cases. Actually, the content was not properly declared by the correspondence as CASH rather it was declared as hardware power tools to avoid Interrogation. The consignment has been taken into custody by the airport authorities while the enclosed detail of the consignment with your detail and the official documents from the United States Treasury from the Homeland Security Department related to you was tagged on the package.

My name is Arnold Barnes, I work with the Norfolk International Airport, Virginia as inspection personnel. I discovered your shipment at the airport warehouse. I advise you to quickly furnish me with your name, home, and mobile phone numbers as well as your address, to enable me to cross-check if it corresponds with the address on the official documents. After which you will confirm to me the name of the nearest airport around you to help me locate you when bringing the shipment to you. Please note, this consignment was supposed to have been taken to the United States Treasury Department as abandoned and unclaimed delivery but due to the period of time, the authorities mandated for the owner to come forward and claim the cargo the shipment has since been left abandoned. The reason I made up my mind, to contact you personally about this abandoned cargo was that I want us to transact this business and share the money 80% for you and 20% for me since the shipment has not yet been retur
ned to the United States
reasury Department

I would appreciate you can work with me as your friend in helping you get your shipment to your home as I would personally deliver the package to asap. Trust me you cannot regret this deal. You can quickly reach me on phone and my email ( barnesarnold@yandex.com ) for further discussion.

Thank you.

Arnold Barnes
Norfolk International Airport
VA 23518, Virginia,United States