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From: Mrs. Amina Haafiz
Darfur, Sudan


My name is Mrs. Amina Haafiz from the Republic of Sudan; I know this will be a surprise to you. I got your contact through on line from Sudanese Information Exchange (SIE) I am the wife of Mr. Omar Fathalla Haafiz from Darfur, Sudan. My husband was the owner of Omar Sea Food Industry & Omar Farm Land in Darfur Region. When the Government discovered that Darfur region is rich on Oil and Mineral Resources, and the Organization Rebel Movement stepped into Darfur to occupied those areas oil was discovered and those areas happens to be my husband’s landed properties.

Government and the Rebels started fighting over who will inherit the Darfur Region because of the Oil discovered. It was unfortunate that my husband was killed on the process by the Rebels in order to inherit the land and all my husband’s companies were burnt down. Before then my husband had moved US$25 Million United States Dollars to South Africa for establishment of another branch of his companies. The fund was deposited in a private security & finance company in the name of my elder son Mr. Abdul Haafiz as the beneficiary. Upon his return from South Africa he was murdered in cold blood by the Rebel Movement.

Now, the Rebel Movement turned against the remaining family member of my husband and I ordered my son to leave immediately for South Africa to meet with my family Attorney who assisted my (late) husband when the funds were deposited and he left without any delay for Johannesburg, South Africa, I am currently in Darfur Sudan because I am old and cannot go anywhere. Would you be interested to assist my son in moving this money out from South Africa since his status as asylum seeker (Refugee) does not allow the transfer of the funds in his name, the family will offer you 20% of the total amount, 5% will be mapped out to balance any expenses incurred, while 75% will be for my family and will be invested in your country under your management. This is very urgent especially now Sudan is divided. Due to my ill-health and age, I would suggest you to please contact my son in Johannesburg, South Africa on the below stated Telephone Number and Email Address for details and procedure.

Please Contact My Son:
Mr. Abdul Haafiz
Thanking you for your anticipated co-operation in advance.
Sincerely yours,
Mrs. Amina Haafiz (Widow)
For the Family.

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