Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).
[Terrorism and Financial Intelligence]
Hours: Open today : 8AM-6PM


This confidential information is brought to you by the (OFAC) Director. Ms. Andrea M. Gacki. Recently, an International Conference Meeting was held between the U.S DEPARTMENT OF TREASURY (USDT) Executives and the WORLD CUSTOMS ORGANISATION (WCO) Secretary General, whose primary objective is to Enhance Efficient and Effective Fund on arbitrary individuals and companies, thereby empowering and assisting them to be able to contribute successfully to their National Development Goals, particularly Revenue Collection, Tax Payment and Community Protection. So, the two International Government Organisations (IGOs) AGREED AND DECLARED that the 2017-2018 wealth’s seized and confiscated from the crack down on Corruptions, will be shared as compensation to few lucky random selected persons and companies, with clean crime records & pays tax.  But focusing, primarily on victims of internet scams, bankruptcy & fraud.

In the past years, lots of money and wealths worth Billions of USD have been seized, recovered and stored in the (USDT) through various forms of Anti-Corruption military work. So during this Int’l crackdown on crimes by the CIA,FBI & HomeLand security etc, scammed victims contacts was also discovered from bursted fraudsters. Fortunately your email and contacts is among those randomly selected to benefit from the 2019 Cash Compensation Payment of Four Million United States Dollars ($4,000,000.00 USD). This among was awarded to you and (9) others lucky individuals from different parts of the World. Your ($4M) Cash have been scrutiny verified and processed for remittance to you.

NOTE: the benefactors IGOs held another meeting, regarding your swift & comfortable means of remittance, and time availability to receive your Fund was considered. This is to let you know that your paid Cash sum of  Four Million United States Dollars will be handed over to you in a SEALED AND TAMPER-PROOF SUITCASE BOX. More importantly, be informed that the box delivery will be handled by some Terrorism and Financial Intelligence  (TFI) Officers and not by any Courier Company whatsoever. With the (TFI) Officers handling your suitcase box delivery, you’re assured of a smooth, non-stop and un-interrupted delivery. The box secret Pin Code will be provided to you from this office, after the box must have been handed over to you at your resident.

Endeavour to read this letter carefully so that we can arrange and submit the remaining paperworks and data holding your Fund Full release. All we need now are few of your personal identification to examine if it corresponds with what we have on our online database. The below required details will also help the TFI Officers delivering your box to locate and get to you quick and easy;


Upon provision of the above data required from you, expect to hear directly from this office within few hours by then we must have processed your information and prepare your consignment suitcase box for delivery to you the benefited beneficiary. With all due respect, we assume that you understand the explanation on how you have been selected to benefit from the 2019 Enhanced Efficient and Effective Compensation Fund, which is awarded to you by the World Customs Organization (WCO) Secretary General with support of the U.S Department of Treasury Executive Agencies.

Contact back with the your needed details, and get more information on how to claim and collect your tamper-proof suitcase box in a stress-free manner. There are NO risk involve, and this transaction is executed & done on a legitimate procedure/platform that protect you from any breach of law. We’re expecting to get a positive response from you, so we can facilitate and speed up your sealed and tamper-proof box delivery because it needs to reach you within a short period of time.

Yours Sincerely In Service;

Ms. Andrea Gacki, (OFAC) Director.
Treasury Building NW,
Washington D.C, United States.