Hoping to read from you soon.

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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My name is Karl Mood, I have a genuine deal/transaction only if you are
interested to execute this ordeal with me. I work in a bank and there is an
account which has

been dormant for over period of years worth’s about Fifteen Million Dollars.

After proper investigation over the account, I discovered that the owner of
the account is no longer in existence, I wish to use my power and present
you as the next

of kin to this said account so that we both can handle the transfer
transaction and share the funds at ratio of 50% goes to me while 50% goes
to you.

Be rest assure that this transaction will be handled over supervision and
protocols of all legal steps and no legal implications will be involved. If
you can handle

this transaction with trust, kindly revert to me by introducing your self
so that we can proceed in good faith.

Hoping to read from you soon.

Karl Mood