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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Dear Friend,I have been waiting for you since to come down here and pick yourconsignment but have not heard from you since then, I have depositedthe US$6.5Million with the LIBERTY CAPITAL GHANA HOLDINGS LTD there inGhana, because I traveled to Syria to see my boss and will not be backtill August this year2019.I have arranged with the LIBERTY CAPITAL GHANA HOLDINGS, to getyour US$6.5Million to you this month and they will be coming to youwith the fund in a black portfolio, I would have deposited the fundwith  H.F.C Bank Ghana  for transfer into your own account but thebanking procedure is too much and they will require much fees.I keptyour delivery details with the LIBERTY CAPITAL GHANA HOLDINGS LTD butwill like you to re-confirm the information to them again so thatthere will not be any mistakes when coming with the fund. Send thebelow information to the LIBERTY CAPITAL GHANA HOLDINGS LTD.
(1)Full name:(2)Address:(3)Tel(Mobile):(4)Copy of ID:(5)Age):(6)Sex:
I want you to know that you have all right to declare how you want toreceive your fund, I would have preferred the fund to be transferredto you but I made some searches about the Bank transfer and they toldme that it will cost you the sum of US$37,000,00 as you will need toopen an account(NONE RESIDENCE/TRANSIT ACCOUNT)and to transfer theUS$6.5Million into your account in Offshore. But I have Deposited theUS$6.5Million in cash to the LIBERTY CAPITAL GHANA HOLDINGS LTD, below  is the SECURITY COMPANY’S contact.

Director:Dr. Benjamin Narh Baako.Mobile Phone:+233570265062Email: libertycapfinanceinc@aol.comEmail.
I have paid the delivery charges and insurance fee to the LIBERTYCAPITAL GHANA HOLDINGS . The only Money that the SECURITY COMPANY willrequire of you is $450 Dollars for Demurage, if you can pay the $450Dollars to them, they will proceed and get the US$6.5Million to you inyour Country. Ps. if you want to contact the SECURITY COMPANY, you areto contact them with your portfolio code number which is(NWOKEBUREBU111RSS) and your billing address where you want them todeliver the cash to. You are to pay the $450 to the SECURITY COMPANYto enable them proceed and get the cash to you,don’t fail to re-sendyour information to them for your own good.Regards,Mr. ADAM SCOTT BILL