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Wed Apr 10, 2019 01:30 am – 02:00 am (Europe/Amsterdam)

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Dear Friend,
Introducing myself i am prince kwaku.16 years, from Liberia.my late father was king
of Liberia.my father told me that he has 2boxes consignment
value 19.4million u.s dollars and 50kg Daimond deposited at Ghana diplomatic courier,
because of bond/agreement made between parties for their private reasons which
cannot make the consignment release out to me next of kin except foreign guardian.

My father advice me that i should contact his friend in state to stand
help me get the boxes to be deliver to him in arizona.
but it was God work i most say, my Father's friend pass away.that is why the
diplomat ought to advice me to look for trust worthy citizen to handle this for me.
my questions are these

1. can you receive these boxes for me as my foreign guardian?

2. Can i trust you in helping me?

3. Will 15% be OK for you?

i want you to know that the boxes and document are with the diplomat over there
at tucson arizona airport.


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