CONTACT (Barrister Mr.Richard Jackson) IMMEDIATELY!!

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

Attn Beneficiary

This is to inform you that the America Embassy office was instructed to transfer your fund $2.500,000.00 U.S Dollars compensating all the SCAM VICTIMS and your email was found as one of the VICTIMS. by America security leading team and America representative officers, So between today the 2 th of April till the end Of July 2019 you
will be receiving the sum of $5,000 dollars per day. However be informed that we have already sent the $5,000 dollars this morning to avoid cancellation of your payment, remaining the total sum of $2.500,000.00.

Contact Barrister Mr.Richard Jackson or call him (+229) 68271926 now and ask him to give you reference and every other information you need to pick up your $5000.00 USD today.Here is what he may require from you.

Remember to send him your Full information to avoid wrong transfer such as: Receiver’s Name

1 Your First Name……….
2Your Second Name………
3Your Country………..
4Your City…………..
Home Address: Occupation: Cell Phone id card: Age:

Contact: Barrister Mr.Richard Jackson,
Tele:.(+229) 68271926
Email.. (

Your first $5.000.00 is ready now.


Mrs Helen Giamma
IMF-Representative Office in Benin