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How are you doing ?
Following my previous message regarding the approval for your payment,i
have not heard from you until now, hope all is well?

Sincerely hope you are in contact with the Bank official regarding the
status/ transfer of your debt/fund as assigned in your favour?
Well after forensic investigation, your file was referred, due to numerous
application interventions and attempts to wire transfer your funds that
failed., The Paying Bank Payment Center United Kingdom through our official
profile gazette stop the application for the transfer of US$10,700,000.00
belonging to you as its was assigned to this email owner hence this message.

Kindly update us with the true status of your transfer to enable us monitor
it from here as well to avoid wrong claims.

Sincerely hope and believe that we are working to protect your integrity
and your fund from diversion.
I am waiting for your full feedback before the close of work today.
Thanks for your Patronage.
God Bless and protect you,
From Anthony Segio (Director of Operation)