Can I seek your consent to establish

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

My name is MaryAnn Cawlow ; Can I seek your consent to establish a charity
foundation in my name? You may wonder how I got to know you and your
information, and what informed my decision, you have no cause to worry about
these questions,

I mean no harm. I am a dying woman without a child and I was diagnosed of cancer
four years ago. In my present condition, life is without meaning to me and hope
has since eluded me, each day I give my entire existence a thought, I feel over
powered by gloom and despair, also saw nothing but death lurking around, All
these are my reasons for deciding on using anything in my name for charity in
which co-incidentally you have been favored as the beneficiary.

I shall be undergoing major operations in few days from now and I want to will
my inheritance to you and to enable you set up the charity foundation to help
the less-privileged. Reply for more detailed information about me and the
donation. Thanks and remain blessed.

Yours Truly

MaryAnn Cawlow