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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: BrD@mint.ocn.ne.jp

Southwest, Washington, D.C.,
Washington, D.C., United States

I am John Morgan, a personal assistant to the Secretary of the Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, the civil and criminal trial lawyer and the current United States Secretary of Homeland Security. We received a report from ECOWAS this morning that you have an abandoned fund worth $3,700.000.00 (Three Million Seven Hundred Thousand US Dollars located in United Bank for Africa (UBA) in a certified ATM master card, meanwhile we instructed ECOWAS and the concerned authorities to bring the card to our Head office here in Washington DC. which they did this morning and now the card is in our custody, we want you to reconfirm your information as listed below for the delivery of the certified ATM master card to your home address:

1. Your Full Names:
2. Your Cell Phone Number:
3. Your Residential Address:
4. Your Nearest Airport:
5. A copy of your passport photo for proper identification:

The delivery arrangement will be made as soon as i receive and confirm the above information, you can reach me via the following line (518}-670-4123. Text msgs/call.
I await your urgent response.

John F. Morgan
United States Homeland Security