Now we are really close; (LyN) from socks5 numero (#2302)

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Camera ready,Notification: 13/03/2019 07:17:11
Status: Waiting for Reply 99xuHaIy0A3f75wKnDmAkC0PrD0Ty00Du8_Priority: Normal


Hi *Stephanie.vogel* (Note from reporter: this is not my name.)

I do not want to scoff at your problem… Take it seriously. Our crew doesnt want to ruin your life if you follow our advices…

You can find a lot of varied rules about security on the internet- virtual private network ; download the latest system protectors, hide web cameras with a scotch tape… In your opinion this is silly.
There are

1400 computers which emplaced my private computer worm.
I uploaded it in faked internet page with flashplayer… Users installed it and didnt surmise something bad, because this soft is necessary for all devices to play video files…
You have also fallen for my bait.
With the help of a parser responded to calls to porn-sites in your connections. Immediately when the play button was pushed the malware turned on your webcam to shoot you paying with yourself. Right after that my malware sent the link of the video which you opened on the screen. With form grab. demolished history and got all details from your accounts which were visited since last Monday. I copied your contact list of your friends, collegues and relatives.
Let’s sum up the results- we have record with you paying with yourself, contacts of your friends, collegues and relatives, record that you opened on your device.
You can help yourself just pay me 410 usd in btc (cryptocurrency.

Mybtc – bc1qtkrfs9jseljk5rsgd3dajtn604f7y74aayzk0w

Choose- become popular or pay little bit not to lose your habitual life.
You can complain cops, but they can not find us. I write you through our bot network, moreover we live abroad. IP in a header is not mine.
For some questions just reply.

Think twice.

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