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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

Dear Beneficiary

I am Diplomat Peter Benson and this email is coming to you from UN Foreign Payment department office Washington DC United States Your over due compensation fund from UBA Bank Of Africa which we agreed to deliver to you in fiscal cash payment the fund is already sealed and package with a security proof of a Consignment box worth 25 Million dollars Right now I’m currently in Bellingham International Airport Washington DC United States of America As a diplomatic agent I want to let you know that I’m waiting for you to forward your current delivery information

Quickly contact me with your full information as required so I must proceed to your house and deliver your Cash Consignment to you

Your full name Current delivery address mobile phone number and your nearest airport So I can be able to locate your home immediately with your package and to avoid delivering your fund to the wrong person

contact me right away with your full information and also can call or text me at phone number::+1 ( 206) 785-8945 ) OR Email me (

Best regards
Diplomat Peter Benson
UN Foreign Payment Officer