Treat as a matter of urgency

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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I have an important information to share with you, I understand that this medium of communication isn’t good for such confidential matter but it’s the only available means of reaching you right now. I work with the United Nations Association of the UK at 3 Whitehall Ct, Westminster, London SW1A 2EL, UK and I saw your information on our database, I guess you earlier reported a scam or maybe it was recovered from one of the scammers in custody.

Anyway, here is the news, a meeting was held among world leaders regarding the scams going on around the world and how to put a stop to it, several matters was addressed at the meeting including mediums to catch these criminals but the most interesting of it IS A SUM OF US$500,000 WAS APPROVED TO BE PAID TO ANY OF THE SCAM VICTIMS who is able to provide any evidence of the scam, these evidences are going to be put together and analyzed by professionals who will track and catch these criminals. The evidence includes names, email addresses, email conversations, pictures and information used in sending money to the scammers. This information will not be given to the general public but is made known to scam victims who were lucky to report to the right office.

Am going to help you work it out and when you finally receive your compensation, whatever you decide to give me for my effort will be highly appreciated. If this proposition offends your mural value, do accept my apology but if not, kindly indicate your interest to pursue this so I’ll register your details for immediate authentication and swift payment of your compensation. The procedure is very simple and you will have your compensation paid to you within 4 working days