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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Dear Valued Customer,

Good day to you and family. We are glad to let you know we were very fortunate to trace your 4 boxes containing 127kgs  Gold and US$10million Cash to Germany where they are currently. We were given a false name by a Russian who was claiming to be your partner and the shipment was done in his name to Germany before we realized it was false name and an attempt to steal your consignment.

We have however, decided to effect a reshipment of the 4 boxes consignment to your mailing address tomorrow from the United Arab Emirate Embassy storage facility in Munich , Germany.

We request you send us a copy of your valid identification, mailing address and Mobile phone number so we could reach you and effect an official change of particulars to the consignment, so when the boxes arrive your Airport in company of the Diplomatic officer, it will tally with your identification and allowed to be delivered to your mailing address without any hitch whatsoever.

Find attached my ID and two supporting documents of the consignment originally for you in the name of the criminally minded Russian.

Once we change the name on the shipment document, the shipment will leave Germany tomorrow night for your country’s Airport. We request that you act fast so we could promptly effect the changes accordingly.

You are advised to respond to this email through my classified email address: for secured communication and subsequent completion of your High Profile consignment delivery through our team of Professional Dispatch personnel.


Mr. Omar Obeid.
Operations Director,
Arab Contractors Securities and Finance,
Accra – Ghana