Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

Thanks for your quick response and kind confirmation that you did not send the two men that wanted to claim your $950,000.00usd. After a brief meeting held today by the Board Directors of the STATE FINANCE COMMISSION, it was conclude that your funds should be moved to the Bank of America USA.

Your funds are now in Bank of America a total sum of $950,000.00 US dollars this will be paid to you in a form of ATM VISA CARD. The ATM VISA CARD will be mailed to you by the Bank of America together with the pin numbers. Once you receive the ATM VISA CARD, take the ATM CARD to any ATM machine and make your cash withdraw with your ATM.

Try and email the Bank of America today and receive the ATM CARD as they have promised to send the card to your address immediately.

Person to contact: Mr.Victor Brown
His Personal E-mail:
PHONE NO: 908-777-0599

Please try and give him your full name and address where to deliver the ATM VISA CARD to you.

Immediately you receive the funds with the ATM CARD, do get back to us to know the successful payment you receive.NOTE:That the details and direction on how to use your ATM will be inside the envelop with your ATM card.

Mr. Abdul H. Mohamed
CEO-Orient Oil & Marine Company, Saudi Arabia