Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

From The Headquarters
United Nation/International Monetary Fund
Debt Reconciliation Department.
Committee on Human Settlements Program
Contract And Your Inheritance fund Payment Notification

Attn: Beneficiary

This is to inform you that U.S.A government, world Bank, IMF and United Nations has set a Joint Commission to release all the contract, inheritance, lottery and other entitlement claim and also compensation for scam victims and your name is in the list of UN entitlement claim, and all the irregularities has been resolved and approved to pay you the sum of $10.5million without delay, because this is Commission program to ensure you receive your entitlement.

The Commission does hereby give this irrevocable approval order with this release code: gnc/3480/10/18 in your favor for your entitlement, approved by world bank, that your fund should be released through Ocbc Bank London, so you are advised to contact the Ocbc Bank London and make your choice on how you want to receive your fund, either by atm card or wire transfer. This is regards to the instruction given by the Regulatory Commission of the world summit to assist citizens around the globe, and now your new payment codes are as follows, united nations approval no; un8685p, white house approved no: wh84cv, reference no.-38484021, allocation no: 675332 password no: 337331, pin code no: 22974 and your certificate of merit payment no: 102, released code no: 0763; telex confirmation no: -1113433; secret code no: xxtn093, having received these vital payment numbers, you are qualified now to receive your payment as you are able to comply with the requirement.

As a matter of fact, you are required to communicate with Mr Mark Edward, the head of telex department of Ocbc Bank London with the help of monitory team from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) New York which is our official remitting committee on foreign payment matters, to make sure you receive your fund. So contact: Mr Mark Edward on his contact information, for immediate release of your inheritance/contract/lottery entitlement claim.

Note: your personal contact/communication code with Mr Mark Edward is (Access X00575), you are advice to send your banking information to Mr Mark Edward the head of telex department of the Bank and make sure you speak with him, with your new payment code for the release of your payment.


Sincerely Your’s

Kalpana Kochhar
Human Resources Department Director (International Monetary Fund (IMF)