Universal ATM Card

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: “Lisa sandra”

My name is lisa Sandra , I want to use this medium to share my story on how my life got better with the help of the universal Atm card, If this message is in your spam its due to my email server, and if you are wondering on how i got your email it was through the help of Google in alliance with Microsoft and GMX submitted your “Email” Attn:- abrakadabra1577@gmail.com, In November 2017 I was in a bad condition, i was into bank debts of $85,000 i couldn’t pay up cause i lost my job, A day came when I read an article I came across online of Hacker Heinrich Klaus Blank ATM (blankatmcardsengineer@gmail.com) he told me about a universal ATM card he delivers around the world to only serious individuals, at first I doubtful about the card, He told me of the card ability to withdraw $5,000 daily and also make a transfer to ones local bank from any Atm outlets anywhere in the world ,the good thing about this card is it works just like your normal credit or debit cards, I ordered the card and within 2 working days it was delivered to my home address, to be honest from November 24 2017 to date I made $650,000 now i own a house in California and i have cleared all bank debts, I know Someone might be going through financial challenges out there and I hope that this will be able to help, you can contact Hacker Heinrich Klaus via his personal email (blankatmcardsengineer@gmail.com) or his company email(blankatmcards@web.bi) and order yours, If you have personal questions about my experiences with the card you can reply this email,i’ll write back in my free time.
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Sandra Lisa.