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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Hello beloved one.

I am writing this mail with tears and sorrow seeking your assistance due to my medical situation here in London. I am Mrs. Margarette Kangas, citizen of Finland and 68 years old. I was an Orphan, adopted by my late father, Engr. David Kangas, who was into Oil and Gas business. After the death of my father, I decided not to get married since i am his only Child and next of kin.

I have been suffering from Coronary heart disease which has cost me a lot and also affected every part of my body and brain cells due to complications. Just 5 days ago, the British doctors told me that I may die any time because my condition has gotten to a critical and life-threatening stage. Having known my medical critical status, I therefore decided to seek for your urgent assistance/ cooperation to use my inheritance $25.3 Million USD as the next of kin, to Build Orphanage homes in memory of me when am gone. The money is deposited in a bank in United States.

I took this bold decision because I do not have husband, family or children that can inherit these funds when am gone. If interested, you shall take 25% out of the total money for your assistance, and also use the balance to build Orphanage homes in memory of me. if interested, get back to me urgently for more details and to proceed.

Let’s proceed so i can establish you as my legal beneficiary in receiving the money on my behalf.

I am waiting to hearing from you urgently.

Mrs. Margarette Kangas

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