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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: mail.h.graham04@gmail.com

Dear Sir,

I apologize for any concern this may bring knowing we have not met
before now. The needful will be done to enable us know each other as

Thanks for your acceptance, I have been waiting for you to accept me.

I am working with one of the Security company here in Ghana. I will
like to discuss a very important issue with you which I know it will
be favorable and beneficial for us. There is a vault which belong to
one of our late customer for years now without none of the family that
came up for it.

I have been working here in this company for years and at times I have
a cordial relationship with some customers whom are foreigner and who
came to deposit things in our security company for safe keeping. I was
able to have a cordial relationship with a man who came to make
deposition long time ago and later found out that he was dead but he
has no next of kin neither any of his family knows about it moreover
no one knows his family.

He was able to reveal to me that he is depositing a valuable material
here in the company and told me that it was alluvial gold which is
about 250kg and the second vault contains cash which in total sum of
$15 million USD. He was able to reveal this to me because I was close
to him and he likes me so much.

After his death the company need to seek for the family to come for
the claim but to no avail, so I was able to make a research and I got
your information.

What I need from you right now is that I want you to come up as the
family of the decease person and we can claim this treasure together
because if this treasure is still here till ending of this month
without no one coming to claim them then this means that the board of
director will like to know what is inside it and when they open it
then this means they have it as the company treasure.

This is what I am trying to avoid because the treasure will not be
share among all of us but will only go to the board of directors only.

Kindly reply to my private email address.

I will be glad if you can be a partner in this and in my mind I already
planned that we have a share of the whole stuff 50% – %50 this means equal.

I await your response.

Best regards,

Dr. Herbert Graham.