I seek your consent to present you

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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“Helies Bertrand”

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From the desk of:
Mr. Chidi Momah
Secretary – (NNPC)
TEL / FAX: 234-1-77614045
email: nnpcniig@yahoo.com

I am Mr. Chidi Momah, secretary – (NNPC) in Nigeria.

Twelve (12) years ago, a contract of USD 27.7 Million was awarded to a citizen of your country that bear the same last name with you; the man completed the contract but unfortunately for him our country was facing some crisis and our government was unable to pay him.

During that same period many others foreign business owners declared bankruptcy, close their companies and left my country.It is now 2 years that the government has started paying debts, but the man has died since over 10 years now, over the years I have tried my best to reach any of his relative to no avail. Nonetheless, I also sent you a letter via post office and was returned undelivered. reason for contacting you via this medium.

Therefore, I Now seek your consent to present you as the heir apparent to easily claim this fund. I will provide you with all the necessary vital and back up documents to facilitate remittance of this fund in your favor; kindly provide me with your name and address, telephone and private email including any other vital information.

Note that, this transaction is genuine and 100% safe considering my status and influence and it shall take us 7 (Seven) workings Days, upon receipt of your details as requested above.

Let us point out to you here that this transaction should be kept top secret and strictly confidential.

While looking forward to a swift and smooth business relationship with you, I trust to receive your prompt response.


Mr. Chidi Momah