Hello Goodmorning Rightful Beneficiary!

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: deliveryfirm@aurora.ocn.ne.jp

Hello Goodmorning Rightful Beneficiary!
We just arrived in Seattle–Tacoma International Airport, Washington Usa with your 2 Consignment Merchandize valued $6.7Million, Please confirm your delivery address reply by sms +(617) 729-9366  here is my email address: deliveryfirm@yandex.com
Reference No: BJ4587ZRY
Registration No: QZR4545/BN-DIP/16
Track No: 8579568710
Registered as ‘Special Diplomatic Class Delivery’ SDCD. Content: $6.7Million (USD100) 2016 Series Bearer Bonds Issued by RBC, CANADA.
Mr Lyd Smith
Supervisor (Royal Errand Delivery)
(617) 729-9366