Good Day,

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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: “MRS .J .ODELL”

Good Day,

I have deposited the check to the ATM OFFICE. All you have to do is to
contact them at: ( they will give you
direction on how you will be receiving your atm card daily. My
agreement with them is 7000USD daily until the whole of $3.8USD is
withdraw end.

You are not expected to pay for the delivery fee or stamp duty fee or
any certificate fee because all the fee is already deducted from the
funds once the remittance is done. The only fee you will send to them
before the delivery is activation fee which is i did not know the
amount.when you contact the atmoffice, try to ask them how much is
activation fee.

Email them with your full address, the contact person is Dr Paul
Johnson,this is there phone number;+22999 543 556
Thank you.MRS .J .ODELL,
Your ATM CARD is ready to delivery