From:Mr.Joseph Bardi.

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

From:Mr.Joseph Bardi
ABSA Bank Building,
Commissioner Streets,
Johannesburg, South Africa.


I am quite sure that this mail will surprise you since I have not been
having previous correspondences with you.
My name is Mr.Joseph Bardi the bank auditor of the above named bank.
I have a good business proposition for you which I know that by the special
grace of god will be beneficial to both of us.

Firstly before I proceed, I have to assure you that this letter is
practically achievable if given maximum support and co-operation.
In June 2004, Mr. Christian Eich a German engineer who run car-maker BMW
museum here in South Africa deposited the sum of $8.5million US Dollars
with our bank on a three year fixed deposit basis with his son Mr Michael
Eich registered as the next of kin / beneficiary to the account, after the
three years expiration, Mr. Christian Eich was not seen nor heard even the
son who is the beneficiary, nothing was heard from him so I decided to roll
it over.

Since then it has been rolling over, I have sent mails, faxes to his
numbers and addresses given still no response I was forced to contact the
(BMW) he has been dealing with but was surprised to hear that him and his
son died in a food poising his business partner gave them when they visited
him in his house just a year after he deposited the money with us. May
his soul rest in peace.

The South African law states that, in cases like this, the money should be
returned to the government account and am seriously against returning this
old man’s sweat to the Govt account, because one of the officials will
steal this money from the Govt account so I have decided to divert this
money for investment and already I have used my good contact to withdraw
this money & transfer it to our escrow account for smooth and successful
transfer of the fund.

I am writing for you to assist me in securing this money for investment

You are to take 30% of the total sum for your assistance, 5% to take care
of all the expenses incurred during this transaction, while the remaining
will be for my investment in your country.

On receipt of your acceptance letter, a mutual agreement will be reached
in-between us and I will direct you on all that is to be done to enable you
receive the money in your account.

Awaiting your urgent and favorable response to this business proposal.

Please get back to me with my private e-mail address: for confidentiality
and security reasons.

May God bless you

Yours Faithfully,

Mr.Joseph Bardi.