Your device is infected

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: “”


Your device is infected with a trojan virus and now have your private info out of your device.

It previously was installed on an adult web page after which you’ve selected the video clip, your device was infected by the virus.

Then, your camera started to record you soloing and recorded videos that you have seen.

Just after a little while it also picked up all your contact info. If you ever wish us to wipe out all your details that we have got, pay us 2,810 USD via bitcoin it’s a crypto. Here is my bitcoin account address: 1GJpCgFzGEFn3YK4PKn87q6auweN3zM4Sw

You have 24hrs to send the bitcoin or the evidence will be sent to all your contacts. The moment we receive the transaction i’m going wipe out this movie and everything completely with proof.