Hello ! can I trust you ?.

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: yvonne_sesmie@yahoo.fr

Hi ,

In confidence,I have to introduce myself I am Miss Yvonne Sesmie, 22 years old Girl.I am the only child of late Mr Donald Sesmie I prayed before contacting you, please do not see my email as an embarrassment as we do not know each other before now.

What I am saying is that I want to transfer ($ 6.400,000 Million Dollars) into your account. Will it be possible for you to receive it without telling me any story when the money enters into your account?.

This transfer is a risk free transaction. Can I trust you on this transfer of my inheritance from my late father for investment under your care ,.

Waiting for your urgent response. In my next email I will tell you more about myself with my pictures, more about my family and my country

Hope to hear from you soon .
Yours sincerely,