From Ms Chika Vincent

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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From Ms Chika Vincent

I wish you a good day.

I want to get involved in your country to make a good business profitable, unfortunately for me, my father died in crisis in Ivory Coast, shooting on the way to one of their sites, collecting wood. After the accident, he recovered and the burial was done properly. My family and I have been married for a long time. They said that if I marry a stranger, our family’s property would be taken by someone else and they would not accept it. They say they have the right to protect the legacy of their family. I refuse because it is ridiculous to force me to marry someone who is not my choice, just protect the wealth of the family.

Although I’m only 18, I think I have the right to choose my husband. My refusal of their plans was considered an insult, and they threatened to treat me cruelly. They say it’s better that I do not live, they refuse to see the wealth of the family to strangers over the past month, they felt like killing me to kill me in our family home, but the grace of God, the reason to get rid of this death now have fun. I do not stay in this house, otherwise I will die. This is a serious problem. Fortunately for me, my dad kept $ 10.5 million under my name as the nest of the relationship. For me until the age of 25.

Or if I want to do the bottom for 25 years, then I have to be a foreign tutor abroad and let me receive some money during my process. As I am only 18 and the current situation with my parents, I humbly ask you to become a foreign custodian for the bank to disclose your personal information.
I can not wait to leave the house. Please, come help me and God will reward you.

I am ready to compensate you 20% of the total and if you want to have business cooperation with the background, look for God fear that no one. information.

Please, I would like to ask for your help in the following ways.

1. I have been depositing these funds since I was 18 years old.

2. Agree with the bank that the funds are transferred to your personal account.

Chika Vincent