Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

Director:Amine Mati
No,9 Hon.Justice Mohammed Bello St.
Asokoro Abuja Nigeria.
Tel:+(23481 7079 8660

Dear Friend,

My name is Amine Mati, The IMF Director Abuja Nigeria
I want to inform you Personally, that your funds payment file
was brought to my office this morning for me to cancel your
funds because the director of the Western union and ATM
Card department here in Nigeria said that I should
divert your funds to the Government Treasury account just
because you can not pay for the fee of your funds which is
$350.00 only before you start receiving your funds, in this
words, he said that you abandon your funds for some time now
without hearing from you, my spirit did not allow me to
cancel your funds because I know the value and the important
of what you are about to receive.

I told the Director of the Western Union and ATM Card
department to wait until I hear from you today and I will know
the reason you rejected such amount of One Million Nine hundred
thousand United States dollars ($1.9Millions USD )
which I know it can be able to change your life for good just
because of $350.00.

However am here to remind you that the fee has been paid the
only required and mandatory fee you have to come up with right
now is demur-rage charge which will cost you $105.00.for your file.
I want your urgent response or you call me at +(23481 7079 8660
as soon as you receive this email to explain to me the reason you
abandon your funds, or if you don’t need it again then I will send
you a power of attorney which you will sign and I will change
your name to another person so that the Government will not
claim this money that is left for you back.

I will wait to hear from you as soon as possible.

Thanks and Remain Blessed

Mrs.Amine Mati
The IMF Director
Tel:+(23481 7079 8660