Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: Ross Williams

This message is from a trusted sender Ross (Mrs !

I hope you still at this email or have you change to another one? I apologize for my unexpected absent, it’s because of the issue i told you i’m having with my husband, i accidentally sent the Package wrongly, Delivery has failed because the address was not specified correctly, pls Contact DHL and update the mailing, if your reply is not received within 24 hours date of deposit there be accumulation demurrer of US $25 daily maintenance fee and i m avoiding unnecessary expenses as i m having tremble reaching you all throw out

I m trying again from a new email box. I hope this one works, I posted the $6,800,000,00 cash in a security nylon proof Box due to issue we hard with those dubious agent brokers in marketing it unbearable while the bank refuse to make the transfer due to insufficient documents, I posted the money with DHL and registered it as a family wedding Gowns things just to protect it while on transit

Update the address and reference package number: # 0014678 to for shipping ! Such as your phone number and airport closest to your address / a copy of passport or any other means of identification as a true receiver, PACKAGE is awaiting in custody of the delivery facility for resolutions and to further distribute to your address by the delivery agent immediate improvement is recommended to avoid additional profit that conflicts with a balance of $ 70 USD, while other fees are paid, please let us know soon as you receive. miss you and happy Xmas in advice.

Secretary; Office of Kenneth Anderson (Mr.)
Head of Central Operations Foreign Remittance Department