You have a compensation payment of USD $ 10, 000.000.00 only

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

                          CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA (CBN).
                              ABUJA  NIGERIA
                         Our Ref: CBN/IRD/CBX/003/420/18
Notification for Compensation to all fraud/Scam Victims
Compliments! I am pleased to notify you as the new Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria that you are among those fraud/Scam victims to receive a compensation payment of USD $ 10, 000.000.00 only. The Office of the President of Nigeria inaugurated this office to make sure that you are well compensated after our investigation regarding all victims of Scam/fraud in Nigeria. This office has also sent this same letter to your embassy/High commission office in Nigeria confirming our legitimate intentions for communicating with you through e-mail.
However, this payment will be made to you by ATM card /master card that is acceptable by the World Bank clearing house. Please take note of the following instructions:
1) you must call/contact The MANAGING DIRECTOR KEYSTONE. BANK: MD/CEO(Mr. PHILIP  IKEAZOR) via telephone No TEL: +234-806-734-2157  Or E-mail him at     for the Certified ATM card/master card of USD $10,000.000.00 only.
2) The delivery of the certified ATM card/master card will be supervised by  Mr.PHILIP  IKEAZOR and all procedure must be carried out according to the regulations of the official courier company (UPS.TNT).
3) You must fulfill all your obligations as the beneficiary of the compensation fund (USD $10,000.000.00) by sending us your address and telephone number for the safe delivery of the Certified ATM card/master card to you via OFFICIAL COURIER DELIVERY.
4) The delivery of this certified ATM card/master card would not exceed the next 72 banking hours starting from the time you reconfirm your contact details.
Finally, I await your timely response!
Yours Sincerely
Mr.Godwin  Emefiele
Governor: Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).