Western Union Department Benin Republic

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: Western Union Department


It is my great pleasure to inform all our costumers which are involved in a Victim of scam that is all over the world, we have Meeting yesterday with the president of this country and all the Government office staff here which is exp, IMF, High Count Office {H.C.O}, FBI, EFCC, IRS they were all gathered for the meeting yesterday and they concluded after the meeting and said sorry for all which involve in a Victim of scam and there is a Special Compensation Bonus to all the scam Victim which is $3.7 Million USD (Three million seven hundred thousand USD Dollars) through Our Western Union Office Transfer and I hope that you can receive money through western union office in your country.

And your Special Compensation Bonus was approve today by the Government office here to being transferring to you and before we commence your payment to be transfer through our western union office here, I want to let you know that the total fund of your compensation payment of $3.7 Million USD need to Activate before the transfer will take place and which is $500.00 USD Dollar to Activation your file here in our office.

Note that you are going to receive two payments every day, your first payment of $4,500.00 we transfer in the morning time by 11:30AM in your country time and second payment of $4,500.00 we be in Evening by 4:30PM, until your total fund of $3.7 Million USD is complete transferring to you through our Western union Office Transfer.

Your western union reference number will be released to you, as soon as you send the fee of $500.00 USD for the activation of your payment file and that is only money you will send. You are to send the Activation fee of $500.00 USD Dollar through any Western Union Office, so contact the Western union agent in charge of your transfer and ask him to give you the receiver’s information so you can send the $500.00 USD for the activation of your payment file.

Contact Person: Mr Gerald Maxwell
Email Address: westernuniondept@email.com
Phone Number: +1 (202) 656-8309

Remember to send him your full information to avoid wrong transfer such as:
1. Full Name: __________
2. Home Address: __________
3. Telephone Number: __________
4. State: __________
5. Country: __________

Note; this is the only Payment you are required to make in this regards for every other fee Have been waived by the Federal Ministry. As soon as the fee is confirmed today, your international payment file will be activated, then you can go ahead and pick up your $4,500.00 today as stated. Please note that you need to go along with your passport ID or Drivers license when you need to pick up the transfer today okay.

Western Union Department Benin Republic
Tel- +1 (202) 656-8309