I want the cash urgently.

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: chimacx666@gmail.com

Dear Daddy,good luck and success,I come from rep of Biafra,am still in the
street in Rep of Ghana,due to,my Daddy is a late success simple chief
native doctor,and he made some money u.s dollars 4 million through Hotel
business and deposited at bank for me,when i ask about this money in
briefcase,bank demanded deposited certificate and account reactivation fee
and authority of remit from me and i don’t know what to do to reach bank
demand and i want the money to take care my responsibilities.Now can you
help me to get the deposited certificate and authority of remit from lawyer
with some yearly dues fee.Moreover 60% of the fund will be yours,if you can
be able to send me the expenses fee.You can contact me at,
chimacx666@yahoo.com, phone +233201266508.

Yours sincerely
B.great chikuobiama.
eagle&2 tigers member.