I need your help

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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I am Miss Enitann Kim, 17 years old girl and I am writing to you from the United States of America, I’m an Orphan and also I am the only child of my parents
I got your Email address from the Republic of Korea online e-mail Database Directory through the internet search.
I would like to discuss with you about my interest plan in relocating to Korea for my security and safety.
I am a Korean-American, my father is from Korea, my mother is a Jewish American.

My late father is a Korean who moved to America about 30 years ago where he met and married my mother. They both lived and had several businesses in United States
I was born and raised in the United States. I can speak English only Because I have spent all my life here in the United States, I have never been to my father land Korea and I don’t know any of my relatives and that is why I seek for your help as a follow Korean too.

My father has died of a heart attack for the past three months and I sincerely need your help now because my life is in Danger.
I want to discuss and handle a very important business with you I will write you more details of the business when I receive your reply.
For security reasons please reply immediately to my personal email address: Missenitannkim1@hotmail.com
I cannot speak Korea Language and I managed to translate this message with the help of Google translation,I hope you will understand this message because Korean Translation is not always accurate.I wait for your next reply.

Reply only to my private email address: Missenitannkim1@hotmail.com

Thank you
Miss Enitann Kim