Dear Sir/ Ms

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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Good day Sir/ Ms

My Name is Mr. Abdul Azzam, I am the branch manager in Bank Of Africa (B.O.F) In Ouagadougou Burkina Faso.

I felt so bad 3 years ago when I had the Death of Mr Nabil Al Fadhl who died as a Kuwait National Assembly Member inside the National Assembly Building on the 22 of December, 2015 while on his parliamentary seat, his Death was caused by a sudden heart attack.

As the branch manager of this Bank which I have been working in for the past 23 years now, I wish to protect my integrity by disclosing this to you please keep it secrete. Mr Nabil Al Fadhl left some amount of money in my custody before his death, doe the money is in Kuwait currency.

I have been thinking of what to do with the money before I will retire from this position I am in this Bank, I now decide to look for any good and sincere man or woman I can trust to help me change the currency to Dollars, the total sum of the money is 68,300,000 Kuwaiti dinar, I know its a political money which no one knows about except my self, Mr Nabil Al Fadhl and his account officer i assigned to him, it look like a stolen political money no one will account for, that was why I kept the money since 18 of October 2015 till now, I will soon retire from the bank that was why am seriously looking for any way to move the money out of the Bank.

Please If you can sincerely do this for me without cheating on me, I will appreciate you so much, we will shear the money 60% and 40%, you will take 40% while you send 60% to me when you might have changed it to Dollar. I will tell you how we will do it so easily to move the money.

You will write a latter addressed to the bank which I will still be the one to receive the letter because it will come on my table as the Branch manager, then I will handle it my self.

If you can do it, reply to me so that i will advice you what to write in the letter and how to address the letter.

Please reply immediately if you can handle it sincerely.

Mr. Abdul Azzam.