Contact Zenith Bankand to received your fund within 72 hours

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

How are you doing?

Its been a long time dear, I was able to finish the business ,through
the help of a man from Hong Kong Mr Kong-sang Ling, he used your name
to finish the business. This man was brought by red cross lady to
finalize this business in Nigeria Africa.

I have now my money in my account in regards to my project going on
in Sir Lanka , and Mr Ling has collected his own share regards to the

But your share which was mapped out for you is $10.5 Million
Dollars ,Mr Ling assisted us to send the money to you through Cheque.
He has drafted a Cheque of $10.5 Million United State Dollars for you
,your name bears the beneficiary to cash the money as soon as you
receive the Cheque He said as soon as you receive the Cheque we
let him know to tell you who to meet in the bank for immediate
payment. Contact

Zenith Bank with your info: your Name..John Mononzo……………… your
Address..47 Kohler Street,Perseverance,Port Elizabeth – 6201 South
Africa……………………………….your call
phone……………….. your working ID………………… all
we well OK?

So now contact this lady in Nigeria who is the person with your
Cheque , this lady will post this Cheque to you through speed posting
for you to receive and collect your cash.

Here below the lady contact ,you have to proceed

Address: Lagos Nigeria.
Zenith e-mail
Call Number: +234-8158448840

Please contact her now say your name as she is expecting your contact
as said by Mr Ling. The woman was only woman Mr Ling trusted as he
said to give her the Cheque for posting.

Mr Ling will help you get the cash as soon as you receive the Cheque.

Good day my dear friend.