Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Dear Friend,

I am Ms Safi Kabore work with the department of Audit and accounting manager here in the Bank,

There is this fund that was keep in my custody years ago,please i kindly need your assistance for the transfer of the fund to your bank account for our benefit in life.
I need your help applying for transfer (US$4.5M DOLLARS) to your bank account.

I have every inquiry details to make the bank believed you and release the fund in within 5 banking working days with your full co-operation with me for success.

Note/ 50% for you why 50% for me after success of the transfer i swear.

Please i need the following information from you will can share contact of communication and trust to each other.

1)Private telephone number…
4)Occupation …
5)Full name …


Ms Safi Kabore