Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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My name is Grace Smith, an Attorney to a Client from your Country and a former Engineering Contractor, who worked with an Oil & Gas Servicing and Distribution Company in Middle East.My client and his family were involved in a car accident and unfortunately lost their lives.

I am contacting you to stand as the Legal Beneficiary so we can proceed to reclaim the Assets of the Deceased which am aware of By virtue of my being Attorney to the Deceased, I am aware of certain Assets in terms of funds in the Bank security Vault which value $8,400,000.00 usd cash that belonged to the Deceased. Failure by relatives or legal beneficiaries to reclaim these Assets would result in confiscation by the Government after a period of time.

As a result of these, I am contacting you to stand as the Legal Beneficiary as you are from the country with him,so we can proceed to reclaim the deposited funds of the Deceased and share same between ourselves.

If you are interested in this transaction please kindly send me the details stated below for reconfirmation and so we can proceed:

1. Your full name;
2. Your private address
3. Your telephone numbers.
4. Your Identification

Once I receive your reply and indication of interest, I will send more details to you concerning this transaction.

Best Regards

Grace Smith