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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: “Debt Management Board”

Dear Beneficiary

Let me inform you that your total compensated funds of US$1.2Million is now due to be released through an Automated teller machine Card or by wire transfer after our concerted efforts and that of some respected Government Officials . Let us thank God for everything.

Please note that this mail becomes necessary because Mr. Janko Gedri of Istrabenz, holdin?ka Dru?ba, d.d.Obala 33 6320 Portoro? – Slovenija and his Nigerian
partner Mr. Robert Daani came to us with A Letter of Authority, Sworn Court Affidavits, Death Certificate mandating him to represent you prior to your death and with instructions to re-route your funds into a new account

You are requested to confirm without delay the followings:

If Mr.Janko Gedrih is one of your Director’s as claimed.
If you have instructed him to appoint a legal counsel on your behalf,
If you have authorized us through your agent, to issue Payment to them on your instruction
If you have further authorized Mr.Janko Gedrih to change your account details. As a matter of urgency, confirm the legitimacy of the above claim with reasons you decided to affect the stated Changes.

We decided to contact you, due to the conduct put up by these men and the unsatisfactory information they provided concerning this transfer, as a result, we decided to reschedule their appointment for Five (5) days to enable us make necessary verification from you and the appropriate authorities
If you are alive and healthy, please re-confirm YOUR FULL NAMES, ADDRESS, TELEPHONE NUMBER AND OCCUPATION

Thanks for your urgent response

Dr Mohammed Abbas
Director General, Restitution Department
Debt Management Board