From the Inspector General of Fraud International Interpol Police Force

Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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From the Inspector General of Fraud International Interpol Police Force
Interpol – Anti-Fraud International
Cotonou, Benin Republic


I am Mr. Isaac Mohamed.You are welcome to desk of Chief MR. ISAAC MOHAMED Public Information Officer, Inspector general of International Interpol Police Force Investigating Benin Republic. We are Working towards a corruption-free world by promoting and defending integrity, justice and the rule of law’ Mission statement of the International Anti-Corruption Academy, We cover West African Countries.

Well, the reason why I am contacting you now is just to let you know that we have retrieve the $1.8million dollars from the Western Union and Money Gram because we find out that they are delaying to transfer the fund to you and using that medium to extort money out from you which is not normal.

Right now we are working hand in hand with Western Union and Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to track every fraudsters down, do not respond to their e-mails, letters and phone calls any longer they are scammers and you should be very careful to avoid being a victim to fraudsters any longer because they have nothing to offer you but to rip-off what you have worked hard to earn.So when we find out this delay we quickly inform our Presidency and Chambers Justice High Court the situation of thing he now and there gave us authorization letter to meet with the Western Union Money Transfer Benin And Nigeria and retrieve the fund out which we did today.

Please we are very sorry for the plight you have gone through in the past With the Western Union Money Transfer Benin And Nigeria, We hereby officially notify you about the present arrangement to pay you,your over due contract/inheritance funds which you did not complete the process of the released of your transfer pin code through the Digitalized Payment System.

We have decided to pay your funds through (ATM Master Express Credi Card).Be inform that your (ATM Card Number;5278763100030014) has been credited in your favor. Your Personal Identification Number is 2900.Your ATM Card Value with the $1.8 MILLION USD. This arrangement was constituted by the Presidency and Chambers Justice High Court,The Presidency and Chambers Justice High Court introduce this payment arrangement as to enable our contractors/inheritance beneficiary to receive their funds without any interference. The ATM Master Express Credit Card was contracted and powered by GOLD CARD WORLD WIDE.

We have decided to waive away all your clearance fees/Charges and authorize the Government of Benin to effect the payment of your compensation of an amount of $1.8M approved by both the Presidency and Chambers Justice High Court to receive your ATM CARD without any delay. The only fee you will pay to receive your ATM CARD is your Notarization fee and the Cost of the Notarization fee is$50,upon the receipt of this information we will proceed to dispatch the card directly to your nominated mailing address. So, I am waiting for your urgent response on your receipt of this email.

Below is where you can send the $50 Or iTunes card for the proceed today,

Receiver Name……. Peter ikel
Country……………Republic of Benin
Text Question……….what code.
Your senders country………….
Send the scan copy of the payment slip.

You absolutely have nothing to worry about as all we need is your prompt response and co-operation. I expect you to comply so that the delivery can be completed, If you do not comply then it will not be our fault. Note; do not honor any message that will come from those scams Western Union Or Money Gram.I repeat your money $1.8million dollars is no more with Western Union banks here, Do not answer or honor any email message stating that your money is with them. Any such message you receive forward it to me for verification. And do not send any body money until I confirm who the person is.

So go ahead and send the required charges of$50 and after that we will make sure that this CARD reaches you within 24hrs,it is for you own good,to enable the card to be delivered to you as quickly as possible ,we also use this means to assure you that this is the only
money you are going to spend,

Remember if you feel reluctant to claim it ,we will cancel your name and sign it on the victim waiting on line to claim his/her compensation funds.

Yours sincerely,

Assistant Investigation Officer.
The International police Crimes Commission (I.P.U.C)
Rue/056 akpakpa Cotonou Benin Republic
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From the Inspector General of Fraud International Interpol Police Force