Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from:

Mr. Richard Zuill
Customs Inspector,
BWI Airport, Maryland
Tel: +14104297558
I know this message will be surprising to you but understand it is coming from
someone that has good information for you.
I work in Baltimore Washington International in Maryland USA. I am a customs
inspector posted in Terminal A in the airport.
I want to tell you that all the monies you had been paying to claim your
consignment is going to wrong officers.
I overheard an officer discussing you with another officer and the discussion
was that you choose to go through back door to claim your consignment. I
understand in their discussion that you had paid monies outside United States
before the consignment made of two boxes arrived here.
I am concerned about this high profile corruption and have to monitor their
communication with you for two weeks before I am able to get your name and
email address from them through our XUSCIRS.
I have checked the information of the two boxes on the lists of imported goods
and did not see the consignment listed. If any goods did not appear on the list
of imported goods in the file that means it came in illegally.
It is based on this fact they are extorting money from you and not working in
your good interest.
I have gone to the warehouse where the boxes are packed and the boxes are
marked ”CLEARED BUT YET TO BE COLLECTED” your name and country of origin is
also marked on the boxes.
I was able to trace a document that was used to import the two boxes across
counties and to United States.
The document is legal but the corrupt officers decided to hold onto the
consignment because they know the boxes contain money.
I can smuggle the boxes out of the warehouse with connection of the chief
warehouse guide but I have to be sure you are in support it.
If you are in support to smuggle the boxes to you, I will need reconfirmation
of your full name and address to prepare backup document to present at the
airport gate when passing the boxes.
Please keep this information secret.
Richard Zuill