Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: MRS JOY FRANK

Attention my friend,
I wish to apologize to you for my late response towards your mail. For long time now we have not spoken to each other, well I have been in the hospital for all these while suffering from Cancer. Well, I want to inform you that I have handed over your fund {$8.5M} to my Son in-law {Mr. Mark Gerald} due to my sickness and I âm not strong enough to handle your fund transfer to you so he has deposited the fund ( $8.5MUSD) to Bank just like he told me. I want you to contact him right now with his contact information so that he will transfer your money into your bank account immediately through online bank transfer.

Due to my sickness I deposited the fund with my Son in-law whom is an American citizen but resides here in Nigeria with my daughter. I deposited the money into his { Bank Account} I have instructed him to transfer your money which is {US $8.5} directly into any of your nominated Bank Account, he also told me that you can even make the transfer by yourself because it online transfer.

Below is the contact information for you to contact him and you will sign fail release order:
Name====Mr.Mark Gerald
Email address===

phone number==== +23480=83875117

Mind, for this transfer to be carried out online, you must submit some information including your telephone number and email address . this information will be used to process your alert center and without this, no message will be received. For security reasons, this information is needed urgently as our time is running out

To fill the message alert center, you must copy the bank link and paste it on a fresh window to view the instructions. Once this is done,
Contact him right now so that he will transfer all your money directly into your Bank Account without spending any other money and without further delays.

I have really spent a lot of time and money on this project trying to help you receive your money so I think I really deserve your financial compensation after which you receive all your money into your bank account.