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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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I am Mr. Johnson Agoreyo, Head: Cash remittance dept, United Bank of Africa, (U.B.A) the only bank appointed by A.U members led by President Robert Mugabe.

Because of the financial corruption going on in most African States where some innocent beneficiaries are asked to pay some money before receiving the funds owed to them.

Africa union members held a meeting in Nigeria and resolve to pay all the beneficiaries in cash through the means of a diplomatic courier service. We receive your file from the International monetary fund (I.M.F.) as one of the beneficiary.

Take note: Three thousand United States dollars (US$3,000.00) has been mapped out for all expense in taxes and other documents that matter, therefore, I want you to bear in mind that your total funds will no longer be Five million, Five hundred thousand United States dollars (US$5, 500, 000.00) but Five million Four hundred and ninety seven thousand dollars only (US$5, 497, 000.00)

If anybody tells you that this payment will be made via bank draft, telegraphic money transfer, etc, ignore it because due to these double standards, no international bank honor our remittance instructions any more, that is why we settled to pay in cash via courier.

We also received a security report that you patronize fraudsters who promised to have this funds sent to you via other means, be reminded that these people do not represent us.

However, as the senior banker, handling this cash payment now, I advise you to quit making payments to these miscreants, if you just follow my instruction, you will receive your funds in three working day period.

Your funds will now be packaged in a consignment box and taken to the diplomatic courier service office for immediate shipment; I will also send a picture of the consignment box and a video on how the funds are arranged too, with more emails to buttress the authenticity of this transaction.

However, do forward your current residential address and daytime phone number to my private email address at (
All the documents will be sent to you if am assured that you have stopped sending money to those fraudsters.

I am waiting for your swift response

Johnson Agoreyo
Head: Cash remittance dept
United Bank od Africa (U,B.A)