Mr Bob Mark.

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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

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Dear Sir/Madam,
l am Mr Bob Mark, l work as a security company Manager here in
Sierra Leone. l have three consignment box,which was deposited by one
Mr Paul Sidner from the United Stated of America,who own a Gold mines
company here,but he later die with his family in a vehicle accident 5years
ago,during the time of depository he did not mention any next of
kin,the type of depository, it was the presentation of Code,this means
that any one who present the code is the next of kin to the
consignment and security company will release and deliver the three
consignment to that person,which the amount is $10Million US Dollars
and 300Kilos of Gold Dust in side the consignment box. l am
contacting you to assist me,so that l can present you as the next of
kin,with the Code l am going to give you to contact the company.If
accept my offer,you are to provide with your,Full Name,Full
Address,Telephone Number and Your ld Card.So that we can proceed with
out any delay.
Mr Bob Mark