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Warning! This is a scam letter. Never respond to it.

Sent from: “Dr. Andrew Dudley.”

Good Morning Dearest,
May the Peace of Almighty be with You and Your Household.

I am Dr. Andrew Dudley diplomatic agent assigned by Ahmed
Yahki Director DHL Currier Company Littoral, Federal Republic of
Benin and ECOWAS

Secretary Dr. Nelson O. Magbagbeola, to clear your Compensiation
package worth sum of 15.5 million usd and make sure that you receive
it today as matter of


Brief letter Attached to the package.

Stated that the depositor is Mr. António Guterres U.N Secretary.
Purpose of Deposit : Compensation.
Signed, Mr. António Guterres U.N Secretary.
Mr. Ahmed Yahki, DHL Director,
ECOWAS Secretary Dr. Nelson O. Magbagbeola

I am in clearance office to claim your package in accordance with my
agreement with Mr. Ahmed Yahki, Director DHL Currier Company Littoral
federal republic

of Benin,

get back to me so that I will deliver your package to you, don’t
hesitate to contact with Reconfirmation of your Current residential
Address to avoid wrong

delivery, Below is the required information needed for the delivery of package.

Receivers Name :
Country :
City :
Residential Address :
Nearest Airport :
Daily Mobil No :

Thank you.

Best Regard
Dr. Andrew Dudley.